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Rape and torture are now part of the battlefield strategy of many conflicts, 'true believers' of all major religions subjugate 'their' women, in parts of the world wives and daughters are sold into bondage/slavery to settle debts.

On the scale of Violence against Women scale, western media depictions are at the bottom. Violence against men doesn't rate a mention because we're only getting what we evil creatures deserve... or maybe it's a conspiracy by them to take over the marketplace.

Unless people know what real violence looks and feels like, things will never change.apparently 100,000 witches were burned in Europe over 300 years... You'll be happy to know it takes 17 minutes to fully engulf the witch in the traditional method.But some places changed to the 'lever arm' method where she could be suspended in a modified hogtie over the fire and raised up and down as the executioner chose.Later he trolleys one away from the other two and lowers her onto a table.Again very nice visual here as there is water running over her face and body from above. value: I really liked the gloomy feel of the movie as the color palate uses mostly muted earth tones throughout to achieve this feeling.Sorry, but the other thing is that it showed in the traditional burn, the wood is pilled up to the point you can barely see the victim so the suspended method was favored when the witch was a prominent person who deserved the more visible treatment.


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