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Kelly’s post-baseball aspiration: ride around on his skateboard.

Given how little he had actually pitched, it made sense that the Cardinals used Kelly as a starter for him to log as many innings as possible.

But it's not something I try to peek at every time.

When you can hit triple digits and strike someone out, that's when it's the most fun."But for the single fastest pitch uncorked this season, nobody -- not even Chapman -- can top Kelly's 102.2 mph flash to Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo in the seventh inning April 28 at Fenway Park.

The longer the Cardinals and later the Red Sox stuck with Kelly in the rotation, despite control problems and other inconsistencies, the more Smith couldn't understand why a decision wasn't made to put him back in the bullpen.

Last season, the Red Sox finally changed Kelly's role.

That's some serious speed -- or as Hall of Fame closer Dennis Eckersley puts it, “high cheddar with some hair.” That's not half-bad for a 28-year-old converted starter with a 3.82 career ERA whose brushes with fame in a half-dozen big league seasons range from a 5 1/3-inning no-decision in Game 3 of the 2013 World Series for the Cardinals to stopping for a selfie on the field with Derek Jeter during the ceremony before No. I'd be lying if I said I did."In that case, allow Kelly's college coach to say it for him.

2's final game in 2014 to making Sports Center in February by nailing a full-court shot after a basketball game at Florida Gulf Coast University."Going to the pen, in the back of my mind, it's just something that I always knew I'd get more velocity," Kelly says of his potential for triple-digit radar readings. Louis a couple times, I hit 100-101 in Houston one time at the end of a game. WHENEVER DOUG SMITH turns on his television and sees Kelly dial up 100 mph late in a game for the Red Sox, he wonders only what took so long.

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Although Smith recruited Kelly with the intention of turning him into a pitcher, he didn't want to be the coach who blew out Kelly's right arm by overusing him. As a freshman, he flashed a mid-90s fastball and notched six saves and a 1.32 ERA in 22 appearances."Oh, you can hear the crowd," Kelly says, prompting eavesdropping closer Craig Kimbrel to utter an "ooooooh! "That kind of lets you know too."Few pitchers this season are producing more "oooooohs" -- or "aaaaaaahs" for that matter -- than Kelly.Through Tuesday, he had thrown 51 pitches that registered at least 100 mph, third-most in the majors after St."I feel like I'm a high-energy guy, so you know, I'd get a save and then yell at the other team and frickin' just talk a bunch of crap.That's what I liked doing, especially coming in as an 18-year-old kid.It was more, I would say, a different vibe as a starter.


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