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Many people, from clergy to government officials, believe that gays and lesbians are paid by foreigners to recruit Ugandans into homosexuality.

Moses Solomon Male, a pastor, opposes homosexuality.

“That is why I have done all I can to help those indulging in it who want to quit, and educate those indulging in it ignorantly to realize the realities and challenges awaiting them,” he says.

In Uganda, even conspiracy to commit a “homosexual act” can result in jail time.

Like many Ugandans, Male believes that foreigners pay gays and lesbians to recruit people into homosexuality.KAMPALA – The prevalence of HIV in Uganda is more than 3% higher among women than men, according to research revealed by the government.While the overall rate of those aged between 15 and 49 living with the infection has declined in the past five years to 6% – from 7.3% – women remain disproportionately affected by the epidemic.When she finally found people who were willing to speak, the interviews were conducted in private. He says he’s not sure how the young men are able to get copies of the videos, but notes that they often come to him with the same explanation: That the encounters, whether violent or not, were intended to recruit people into homosexuality.Male clarifies that he doesn’t hate gay and lesbian people, but says he does hate homosexuality.Interviews and blood tests were conducted among 12,483 participating households.


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