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I teased them with flashes of my trimmed muff and shaved pussy-lips and ass as they slipped more money into my panties.The guys were going crazy and I was having a very good time. Exposing my body to all these guys, letting them see my pussy and touch my tits, dancing almost completely naked for them was making me tremble and shake and my breathing shallow.My first "party" was for a bunch of construction worker types.One of them was getting married and they wanted to have a little bachelor party. I was glad he was there because I had dressed like a complete whore and probably would've gotten what I deserved if I had gone in alone.

We were both in college and loved to party, drink, smoke pot, do coke, acid, whatever, and just fuck about with boys.

I kicked it into the crowd and danced in my black G-string and pumps.

I danced around the guys and let them grab my tits, slap and grab my ass.

The guys whistled and yelled and held out more money as I slowly ran the zipper down the leather skirt.

They were chanting and shouting as I let the skirt fall around my ankles and pumps.


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