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Linda Furuto is a math education professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and uses math regularly as she trains as an apprentice navigator on the Polynesian voyaging canoe, Hokulea.

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Um, but my favorite was um, jumping into the dumpsters be—behind Hauula Shopping Center. We—we’d flatten the cardboard boxes, and see who could ride them the fastest down the dirt hills behind Hauula Shopping Center. Did your parents explicitly give you values, or did you just soak them up by osmosis? I would say that it’s extremely difficult to measure the size of my mom’s heart. And so, my ohana is really stretch—really stretches from hanabata days in Kahuku, to transferring to Punahou as a tenth-grader, leaving the islands for school and work, and then coming back home to be part of the University of Hawaii, East-West Center, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and the Polynesian Voyaging Society ohana, among others. Could you tell me, if you’re trying to introduce or recruit a student to the study of mathematics, and they want to know, why should I care— Mm. On the first day of class, I always share with my students is the—is the old adage that, people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. I always strive to help my students understand that their knowledge matters, and that their culture matters, and what they bring to the mathematics classroom is … their ideas of mathematics aren’t written in a mathematics textbook doesn’t mean that’s not exactly what it is. beauty, power, clarity, and precision, and symbolic reasoning. that we’ve done the preparation, and to also know that we never sail alone, and even if there’s thirteen people on Hokulea, thousands of people are guiding Hokulea on her journey … What was that first trip like, the first leg of the worldwide voyage? And we used principles of science, technology, engineering and math to um, use weight distribution, forward or aft so that we could, guide the canoe into the wind or off the wind. Rangiroa was the first land that we saw after sixteen days of being out on the open ocean. I never asked to be on that first leg from Hawaii to Tahiti. Just because I think navigating past, present, and future visions is one of my pillars, and something that I think about every single day. She has been recognized with two Excellence-In-Teaching awards from the U. Board of Regents and the Math Association of America. people don’t really care about your CV or your resume until you know that you’re gonna walk beside them in their mathematical journey, and beyond that in life as well. And as we talk about vectors, we connect them to standards, such as the mathematics common core state standards or the next generation science standards. And the mathematical content involved with attention to precision and finding … something inside of you has got to trust itself and to know that … We barely touched the sweep, which is how we steer the canoe, because it’s Keala Kahiki Hokulea was finding her way home, from Hawaii to Tahiti. We brought so many sails, so we could use the dynamics of the winds to get us there. And these are things that I think about every day, because this is my commitment to—to honor my teachers This is—this is my path, this is not something I asked for, and never asked to be an apprentice navigator. See full summary » The slow mental deterioration of a loved one is extremely distressing.


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