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He's walked the runway for many top designers, including Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Versace, and appeared in ad campaigns for Mulberry, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger. A quick glimpse of his Instagram feed won't turn up pix of Fanning, but there are plenty of artsy shots of his adventures around Manhattan and beyond.

As far as his relationship history, Fanning isn't the hunk's first celebrity girlfriend. Adam Levine — and the model pair even appeared together in the Summer 2010 issue of "I don't really date," she said.

It took me a few days to decide that I had to have it and by the time I went back it was gone. Like I thought I'd be ok until I got to the first Victoria's Secret show, I was like, I'm fine, I'm ready.

So anyway I'd look for stuff for my apartment and then I'd go have lunch outside somewhere and just sit in the sun smoking cigarettes all day with my friends. I tried a million gyms and a million trainers and it's just so boring. And then I got to the show and these girls were like BAM! So then I found this guy, through Miranda Kerr actually, and he's awesome.

Dakota Fanning is taking her relationship with model Jamie Strachan public.

The 19-year-old actress and her 32-year-old boyfriend were seen holding hands while walking the streets in NYC.

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Do you think Fanning and Strachan make a cute couple? Dakota Fanning, 20, has been dating British model Jamie Strachan, who's 13 years her senior, since last year, and for the first time she's speaking out about him — and using the "L" word. "I think love is very important and it's really fun to have someone to experience things with.It makes everything a bit more special."As far as their age gap, it has not been an issue for the actress, who also attends New York University, where she's studying women and film.She'll tell you what she does all day, why American Let's start with childhood. I'm an only child and pretty much did kid stuff, gymnastics, track, riding, field hockey. We went to the grocery store after church and this guy came up to me and asked if I was a model and wrote his number on a piece of paper and my grandfather was like this is so shady. I mean I'm standing there with elephants outside and I'm like is this work? Jumping in head to toe runway looks, same jewelry, same everything.So we went home and told my parents about it and never did anything. But then there would be older girls - and I was like sixteen - who would bring their boyfriends home which was strictly not allowed and I would hear . You just got back from a PINK catalog shoot in Miami. We wake up around 7, go down to the lobby and get in the party bus. This crazy beat-up bus driven by Sasha, who's Helena [V. So it's us and two other models - Candace and Damaris - and we go to Starbucks. I love home fries, scrambled eggs with avocado and toast on the side. As opposed to a studio where I can't channel anything creative. So how often are you working when it's not fashion week? So we had the two to four am slot and it was crazy. Not really, just got Chanel's tinted moisturizer though and love that. Nolita, all the vintage stores around Bleecker/Spring/Mott."I’ve always wanted that," Dakota, who is big sister to actress Elle, told the paper. Open in September 2013, they had actually started dating several months before that after being introduced by mutual friends, E! Most sightings of them have been in the Big Apple, downtown near where she attends school, and they're often holding hands as they stroll on the crowded city streets.


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