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It is easy to log into different Skype accounts on the one device.You can log out of your child’s and log back into your own any time.It is a difficult task to reset them with appropriate limits for older siblings or parents for shared use. C with multiple logins set at different levels for different age groups.See my manual for settings for multiple accounts with parental controls on both Windows and Apple Devices.

To prevent your child from getting direct messages from people not approved by you or already included in your child’s device address book you need to set up the “Filter Unknown Senders” toggle.

No messaging app is absolutely safe, because kids can tease and bully through messaging apps, and can send inappropriate media and links via messaging apps.

I’ve heard stories of younger kids in primary school being subjected to abuse and disgusting language by another student from the same school using Skype, because no adult was supervising at the time.

Privacy Settings Privacy settings are essential for messaging apps, setting them prevents total strangers from contacting your child.

Privacy settings preventing approaches by strangers are not enabled by default on messaging apps.


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