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In most developed countries, a large percentage of the people suffering, or in remission, from psychosis are treated in the community.

This community-based treatment depends almost entirely on dosing with neuroleptics.

The first sedative-hypnotic, or minor tranquilizer, bromide, originated in the 1860s.

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The advent of neuroleptics is sometimes identified as a turning point in the practice of psychiatry because it made possible for the first time the treatment and control of mentally ill people outside an institutional setting.Although the various classes of CNS depressants work in different ways, ultimately it is through their ability to increase GABA activity (thereby decreasing brain activity) that they produce a drowsy or calming effect that is beneficial to those suffering from anxiety or sleep disorders.Although a wide variety of substances can have tranquilizing effects, historically, the term "major tranquilizer" was applied to the category of drugs used to treat severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.That is, in order to obtain the same level of intoxication, the tolerant abuser may raise his or her dose to a level that can produce coma and death.The most frequently cited possible cause of mental illnesses is an abnormal hyperactivity of the dopamine neurotransmitter system in the brain.As opposed to medications prescribed for sedation, the neuroleptics often produce signs of neurological dysfunction, such as extrapyrimidal effects (involuntary movements such as Parkinson-like tremors and other abnormal movements).


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