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This comes as a big surprise to many women, and often his lack of interest in sex is something we take personally.“It comes as such a shock [to women] that they just don’t believe it,” Fisher says about the reaction many women have when their partner says they aren’t in the mood for sex.

“It’s amazing what men don’t notice if you’re enthusiastic, energetic, interested in them, and flexible minded.” According to Fisher, there is an evolutionary explanation for the selective blindness men show to our physical flaws.That says a lot about the inadequacies of ‘casual sex,” Parrot says.In a study being conducted by Fisher and her colleagues of university students engaging in one-night stands, the numbers show that men are just as serious about sex and relationships as women. “Never assume that a man is not romantic,” Fisher says.For Darwinian reasons, says Fisher, men are (unconsciously, of course) looking for women who are able to bear healthy babies.Starting millions of years ago, men who attracted fertile women and had a lot of children lived on. Although maybe not as necessary today, Fisher says that primal survival mechanism lives on.And sure, they make their fair share of bedroom errors. As it turns out, top sex and relationship experts say that women make plenty of sex mistakes of their own.


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    One problem with traditional dating sites, like e Harmony and Match, is that they don't contain appropriate categories for transgender personals, and if they do, often times the labels are still not wholly inclusive.

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