Student teacher dating survey

Students then added up the score, and were placed on a scale based on their score.

Reilley Stringham, a junior at Roy High, is in the Adult Roles class where the survey was handed out.

Now, commercial providers, nonprofit organizations, and foundations are working to expand and refine the scope of such surveys in an effort to improve their usefulness to schools and teachers, and potentially lower their costs.

Over the coming months, well-known and well-financed players in the student-survey field plan to launch new efforts to increase the reach and adjust the focus of those instruments.

The course provides instruction in human sexuality, which requires parental consent prior to participating in the course.

While the course itself contains instruction in human sexuality to which parents consented, the survey that was distributed to students elicited information about sexually explicit activities and delinquent behavior, and parental consent was not obtained for this particular set of questions, as is required by state and federal law.

This matter is being taken very seriously and the teacher has been placed on administrative leave while the situation is being investigated. §1232h, Utah 53A-13-302.) Moreover, Utah State Board Rule R277-515 and our district policy (Policy 7900) expect teachers to use professional judgment and discretion in providing age-appropriate material to students.

That question carried a high amount of points on the deviancy scale.

"Telling kids that they are hopeless and condemned... Reilley said that as students at school discussed the quiz, some said their score wasn't good. felt really insecure after taking that test​​," Reilley said.


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