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Category Word Prisms • Tags: How many languages do you speak?, I speak science, scientific translation, scientific translator, specialization, subject-matter expertise, technical translation, technical translator, translation best practices, Translation is not about words.One is the word “” in Russian, which means a physical telephone line such as a hard-wired copper landline.Unfortunately, the exact same Russian word also means a radio link to a remote terminal, satellite or cell tower, which is what cellphones use.“Then she gets on the phone and speaks Russian all day with her friends.

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Alas, there never seems to be a limit to the English translations of this word that describe a world in which a physical copper wire is magically soldered to a satellite orbiting at an altitude of 42,000 kilometers.And that happens because the translator doesn’t have the real-world knowledge to know what doesn’t, can’t or will never exist.There are countless thousands of examples of this phenomenon.It’s certainly true that even the most experienced, careful and knowledgeable translators will find themselves in uncertain subject-matter territory at various points throughout their careers.It’s one of the many reasons to involve an expert colleague with greater subject-matter expertise in the review process while getting up to speed on technical concepts – a process that can and does take years.In the event that I’ve failed to be convincing up to this point, consider again the title of this blog post: The message here is that translation is about meaning, not about words.


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