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anyone who would let such stupid thing put strain on a relationship is not worth dating /thread.Its the equivalent of fighting over which soda tastes better, coke or pepsi?Jim's pick - and Deborah's - was Ralph Nader, who was running as an independent candidate for president that year."She said her interests were fishing and camping and things like that, which I wasn't really interested in," Jim told CBS News."But," Jim continued, "I felt I had to reply to someone who also agreed with Ralph Nader." Deb agreed, "It was Ralph Nader who brought us together."They've been together ever since.Democrats and Republicans likely agree that the country is increasingly polarized, that former President George Bush failed to live up to his promise to be a uniter, not a divider, and that President Obama is nowhere near delivering on changing the way Washington works.

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Alex Fondrier is the co-founder and CEO of Political Matchmakers, the company that launched Red State and Blue State ' A Republican falls into despair after being told that the girl he was hitting off with "spent the last three years working for Green Peace" and has a "Thanksgiving turkey is made of soy."Fondrier has set out to solve what he refers to as "the third rail of dating," the idea that politics is a touchy subject, and for many, a dealbreaker."For those folks who live and breathe politics or read the news all the time...there really wasn't a venue where you'd be able to meet people and go out on dates with folks who shared your same political affinities," he told CBS News.So this niche site is, of course, a haven for mostly religious conservatives who can no more accept my views on cultural and social issues than I can accept theirs."The other way to broaden the pool though, is to consider whether there's much hope for love across party lines in the style of Democratic and Republican political consultants James Carville and Mary Matalin.But Fisher warned this can be a tricky strategy for the long run.The web ads for the sites play on the culture war stereotypes--"'Bruce is a conservative.' 'What? His site prompts users to answer a series of questions about economic, foreign and social poicy As far as his business is concerned, the solution is separation."When you come to Red State Date and Blue State Date, you know exactly the types of folks that you're going to end up meeting there," he said.who cares they are both pumped with chit but coke tastes better "Biggest fear in life is holding babies.


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