Post dating checks massachusetts

This is because postdated checks are essentially just negotiable instruments with a clause attached, where that clause does not affect the negotiability of the instrument.In some instances, postdated checks will be treated as payable, regardless of their postdated status.For payees given postdated checks, the acceptance of such checks should only be done after considering the problems and risks that might come along with postdated checks.Even simplistically, one might lose a postdated check while waiting for the date to come.In such instances, one's checking account might be overdrawn, as the check might be paid before the drawer was ready to have it paid.As such, it makes sense for a drawer to alert his or her banking institution as to the postdated checks in question to at least have greater assurance that his or her checking account will not be overdrawn.This is not necessarily true, however, as there are some banks that will actually accept postdated checks and will deposit funds into the check holder's account in exchange for the postdated checks, even before the date of the check's date has come.

To be safe, one should not accept postdated checks dated too far in advance, and one should only accept them from a party that is going to still have its checking account open and with the available funds inside on the date of the check.

Then banks just are communicating electronically instead of transferring the checks from bank to bank.

If someone holds your check for 16 days they get the money the day your check is cashed, and your account is debited the day it is cashed.

In general, however, postdated checks are perfectly acceptable in most instances.

As mentioned earlier, banks will still accept postdated checks regardless of whether or not the date has come.


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