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Each respondent was given a card depicting six styles of women’s headdress and asked to choose the woman most appropriately outfitted for a public place.Although no labels were included on the card, the styles ranged from a fully-hooded burqa (woman #1) and niqab (#2) to the less conservative hijab (women #4 and #5).This attitude is most prevalent in Tunisia (56%), Turkey (52%) and Lebanon (49%) – all countries where substantial percentages are open to women not covering their heads in public.But nearly as many in Saudi Arabia (47%) also say a women should be free to choose how she dresses.This includes 57% in Tunisia, 52% in Egypt, 46% in Turkey and 44% in Iraq.In Iraq and Egypt, woman #3, whose hair and ears are covered by a more conservative black hijab, is the second most popular choice. 32%) between woman #3 and woman #2, who is wearing a niqab that exposes only her eyes, while nearly a quarter (24%) choose woman #4.

In several countries, substantial minorities say it is acceptable for a woman to not cover her hair in public.“So what’s the big deal if they switch it up for a change?” ”I call on everyone to show their contempt for ISIS,” self-avowed atheist Rayan Zehn of Norfolk, Virginia, said in his own video, in which he burned a printout of the flag. “Burn the f–k out of a symbol of both ISIS and Islam.” The teens’ act of defiance was quickly met by a call for prosecution and the “sternest punishment” by the Lebanese justice minister, although at least one member of the country’s parliament has offered to serve as the boys’ lawyer should the case go to court.The black ISIS flag bears the Muslim tenet “There is no god but God and Muhammed is his prophet,” but has become an emblem of merciless violence, including the videotaped beheadings of two American journalists.“They burn the Israeli flag in Lebanon all the time,” blogged Shalom Bear of the Jewish Director: Philippe Aractingi A young 15 year old girl, Lamia, lives in a southern Lebanese village on the border with Israel.


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