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Nancy remains asleep until the guy comes on her stomach, at which point she awakens and springs out of bed.

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Nancy then remains on all fours as the guy jerks himself off and eventually comes on her back.

I am booked out for 12 months in advance all due to word-of-mouth.'She has worked on unsolved and suspected abductions and murders of young girls before and while she could connect with their spirits and given 'impressions of different circumstances surrounding their deaths', there were often 'dozens or even hundreds of different locations that may fit the impressions.''It's easier when they haven't been missing as long too as there is still an energy connection,' she said, 'and in some cases red tape and expenses will prevent you from getting where you need to go and your hands are tied in a way,' she said. While many psychics have aided in missing persons cases before, Ms Price said when she has worked on them she was sent a number of possible locations to work through 'They may have things they want to happen in their life and that can come up in the reading too, but they may cross and go down a different path...

we all have free will and we can go in any direction we choose.'Recently though I met with a woman at a party who had three sons and I knew she was pregnant instantly.

'I don't let the sceptics get to me as much anymore but it does hurt sometimes because I am quite sensitive, although I am getting a lot stronger as I realise these are people who have no idea what it's all about.'At the end of the day I'd just like to say to them to open their minds and understand that there is a lot more out there than the world can see...

Nancy Trotter Landry in THE ORGASM DIARIES (aka BRILLIANTLOVE) Nancy Trotter Landry lying naked on her back asleep in bed, showing bare breasts and bush as a guy takes a photo of her nude form.


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