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Friends that are 5 levels apart have a hard time playing together without trivializing the experience for one another. As a seller it is a big pain in the end to have to constantly relist your items that don't sell.

Especially if you are out in the field and get the items back in the mail and there is no AH nearby. The guild system and its controls are very primitive compared to EQ2.

Adams is back in gaming with the release of The Inheritance, which he describes as interactive fiction, or a text adventure game with sound effects. Youre put into an environment; you tell me what to do.

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For example in the books no one ever died and was resurrected (No Gandalf doesn't count and did he really die anyway? Right now LOTR Online is the number one PC game in the US and Europe and for very good reason.

He is currently working on a childrens book based on Scott Adams Pirate Cove. Rusty has completed nine books for children based around his son Andrew who stars in each story.

His first adult novel, The Hitmen Narratives, is a series of short stories revolving around one of the most evil of professions, the professional killer.

In case you didn't know, Scott Adams is a true pioneer in the adventure game world.

He was the first man to bring adventure games to home computers through his company Adventure International.


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