Dating theater

The show takes place everywhere; this is the first truly immersive use of this theater that I've seen. After doing well off-Broadway in 2009, "Becky Shaw" was first seen Chicago in a cheerfully wacky staging at A Red Orchid Theatre in 2011.

This more normative production has much higher stakes, is thus both funnier and more chilling, and it's very shrewdly cast: Indeed, Weinstein's show features a pair of truly excellent performances from Michael Doonan and, in the title role, Carley Cornelius. Dating and relationships, mostly, the same raw material as much of the TV you likely watch.

We’ve seen many of this December’s theater events before in some fashion, so they’re like seeing old friends for the holidays.

And now comes Gina Gionfriddo's caustic relationship comedy "Becky Shaw," which struck me really as the ideal show for this space, especially since the production comes with a great music mix and director Scott Weinstein uses his challenging space more richly than I've seen it used before.Dating in college can be hard but when your major is two-fold, it's even worse. Yea, that still happens for almost all theater majors in colleges everywhere.It takes a special kind of person to date a theater major or an education major. The difference with theater education majors though is that we are running rehearsals with students, preparing for the next production meeting, pulling costumes, making set designs, figuring out what we can do with the limited tech we have, and all the rest.A resident mixologist serves cocktails for imbibing at the little table by your seat. The Windy City Playhouse has undergone challenges: People only go to see shows they want to see, and other venues have raised their bar game.It has been hard for the theater to consistently find the right material (opening with a piece called "End Days" was not the best idea).Chicago’s hospitable Windy City Playhouse on Irving Park Road was founded in 2015 on a populist ideal: Create an affordable, fully professional neighborhood theater, program it with comedy and moving drama, and make it an appealing date-night spot for those who usually consume their dramatic entertainment by watching a screen.


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