Backdating stock options spring loading and bullet dodging

And now that the rules have been finalized, we are relying on all of you to help make them work right in practice.

When I was studying the program that Jesse and his team have put together for this conference, it struck me that no separate panel seemed directly focused on the stock option angle of our new disclosure guidance.The description of the term "principles-based" that I borrowed from Bob Herz, talks about starting with the "key objectives" of good reporting in a particular area.So what are the key objectives of good reporting (or more specifically, good disclosure) for executive compensation, and especially for the CD&A?Rather, if in doubt, the reader is directed back to the principles.Now, Bob was talking about accounting and financial reporting, of course, and that's often where we hear the phrase "principles-based".I also used those two examples in helping to show the critical role that disclosure counsel and advisors can play in a principles-based disclosure world.


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